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VERSE OF THE DAY January 26 Psalm 34:8 8 Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. We are glad that we can call ourselves children of God. We have a father who is not like any other. We can take refuge in him. When we have trials and tribulations we call out to him and he will deliver our from all of them. Don’t limit our father he is strong and might. He is a strong tower that we can turn to. You know I still struggle with the fact that I am limited there’s just so much I can do. I need to work on allowing my father to handle the things that are too much for me and you need to do the same. My prayers for you today is to allow God to be God. He is the one who’s in control of every situation. Have blessed Wednesday Sister Marcda Marcelin VÈSÈ JOUNEN AN 26 janvye Sòm 34:8 8 Goute epi wè Seyè a bon. benediksyon pou moun ki pran refij nan li. Nou kontan dèske nou ka rele tèt nou pitit Bondye. Nou gen yon papa ki pa tankou okenn lòt. Nou ka pran refij nan li. Lè nou gen eprèv ak tribilasyon nou rele l ‘, li pral delivre nou anba tout . Pa limite papa nou li fò e gin li anpil fòs. Li se yon gwo poto ke nou ka vire bo kotel . Ou konnen mwen toujou ap lite ak lefèt ke mwen limite, gen jis anpil mwen pa ka fè. Mwen bezwen travay pou pèmèt papa m jere bagay ki twòp pou mwen epi ou bezwen fè menm bagay la. Lapriyè mwen pou ou jodi a se pou pèmèt Bondye fe travay li. Se li menm ki kontwole tout sitiyasyon. Beni Mèkredi Sè Marcda Marcelin


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