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I am here Lord and I really did not know this is what you meant that I had to decrease so you could increase. What I am facing now is truly new to me father. I pray that I would be stronger and stronger. When the devil try to knock me down may I stand on your promises. Father, you are the lifter of every head. You will lift me out this hole. I know I am not in an illusion. What I see before me is the real thing. You are stripping me of everything. I do not have control of what is happening.  Father, I want to cry but there are no tears. I believe I have cried my last tears. I really want to pass this test because I believe this is a test. Lord, I cannot say that this is too much for me because in reality you truly prepared me for this storm. The waves are strong but you calm the sea. Therefore, I am not afraid.  I will hold steadfast to your Words. You promised to never leave me. Yes, you are providing me way to escape. This is not the end of me. I understand father that I will go to many trials. You will deliver me from all of them. Take my heart Lord and lead me to where you want me to go.


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