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Shake It Off Written by Amauche Ikwecheghe

Shake it off
What it take to get things fixed, what does it cost to be nice, to the next person,what does it take to let go of the many years of hurt ,what does it take to say something nice to the next person,what does it take to be vulnerable because being vulnerable they say ” is not weakness but courage ” what does it take to leave pride and ego ,what would it take to be different and to make a difference,it would absolutely take nothing but simple kind words, that come from a sincere heart.Dont think you have all the time ,make it happen right now;now is the time you have been waiting for make the effort.Remember you dont need to know how you are been perceived or what might people say just act like it’s your last day on earth and you will be making your eternal deposits into the kingdom of heaven.Shake it all off and be free and be at peace with your inner self .


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