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Haitian Pigeon Peas and Rice Recipe

Us Haitians tend to eat a lot of rice. One of my favorite dish is the Haitian Pigeon Peas and Rice. I would like to share the recipe with you it is quite easy to make. Making it in the simplest form. This recipe was online and it is the same exact way I make my Haitian Pigeon Peas and Rice.

Haitian Pigeon Peas and Rice Recipe
½ cup of frozen Pigeon Peas

1 cup of Jasmine rice

2 cups of water

2tbs of vegetable oil

1 Scallion

2 gloves of Garlic

1 Maggie Bouillon cube

1tsp of Goya Adobo(optional)

1tsp of complete seasoning

¼ cup of coconut milk

Place 1tbs of vegetable oil in a small deep pot. When hot place the scallion and garlic in the oil to fry. When brown add ½ cup of frozen pigeon peas and let it fry until the peas start to turn a light brown color. Once the peas are light brown add the ¼ of coconut milk and let it simmer with the peas in the pot. After 5 minutes add 2cups of water, Maggie bouillon cube, Goya adobe, seasoning salt and Let it come to a boil. Taste to make sure it has enough salt then place 1 cup of rice. Let the water dry and then place a napkin over the pot and then cover it while decreasing the heat to medium.

Enjoy pigeon peas rice and with your favorite style of meat. Please go ahead and try it. It is so delicious.


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