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Healing takes place in many forms. Reading from John chapter 4, we learned of a man who was paralyzed for thirty eight years. How could he be so patient and persistent? Many of us would have given up long before. But, this man believed that God could restore all the years he had lost. Waiting at the pool of Bethesda must have been unbearable. Year after year this poor man believe that for sure it would be his year, however each was a disappointment. Some of us are praying for something yet we have not received it. We watch others get their breakthroughs sometimes that can make us lose hope. I am here to tell you everything has its season and that God’s timing is the right time. He has always kept his promises. He made a promise to Abraham and He surely fulfilled it. He brought the people of Israel out of the wilderness. Be still! Your day is coming. Be courageous.


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