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Are you ready for the call?

Wow! I finally understand why God has allowed me to walk through the fire. It has been a long journey from October 2016 to now. I am still not out of the fire, but what I can say is that I know now for sure I am not alone. While in the fire, I walked on some burning charcoal which gave me bruises. However,only me and my savior know them. They are not visible to others. I fell into a deep major depression which got me without any warnings. I keep asking myself, why God? I am serving you and in my own understanding I know I am doing all the right things. Such as: praying, fasting, paying my tithes, also investing my time in His kingdom. Well, I had to come to place where I was squeezed into a corner where it was me and God and no one else. In the previous days before I went into a fast I had asked God to deal with me. I was facing many shames and guilts in my life and I knew if I wanted restoration it could only come through him and him alone. However, I now know if you ask the lord for something you have to be ready and willing to receive it at any cost. I have learned that the way God deals with us may not always be pretty. It may at times involve some unexpected events. I also prayed for a new level of dimension which I believe I was not quite ready for it yet. But God timing is always the right time. It has been truly a test and testimony for me. I believe for those who believe in the lord will face many trials and he will deliver us from them all. Nevertheless, in our darkest hours God will shine his face upon us. Through this trial, I often believed that I would never get to see a light at the end of the tunnel,but all glory be to God He has not allowed the enemy to devoured me. I am no where ready for the call but I do know that the call is not for cowards. It is for those who diligently seek after him. I have fought a good fight and I will continue to fight for the call. I pray that if you are facing a situation, or a sickness that you will rely on God because He is a way maker and a miracle worker. I now turn to you, are you ready for the call? Are you willing to walk through the fire or are ready to take up your cross everyday to follow him?We seem to love the blessings that come with the call. But there will be moments of Job in our lives will you throw in the towel or will you press on. Beloved I will not lie to you I had fail the test because I had doubts and even came to a point where I forgotten the power my father in heaven possessed. I just want to end with this, if you believe you see the glory of God. Remember Jesus loves and He wants to have a relationship with you.

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