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Picking Up the Broken Pieces

How do you pick up the broken pieces? Life sometimes has a way of tossing you around. It’s a constant battle to live the peaceful life. After, a disastrous relationship you decide to give love another try only to find out that you might be reliving a similar one. You want to pick up the pieces, but you don’t know where to start. You try to convince yourself that this one is different. Nevertheless, deep down you cannot help but to notice the similarities and it scares you. You want to pick the pieces. However, when a glasses is shattered you cannot really put it back together. You may want to buy the most expensive adhesive. It will not hold the pieces for long. You may try to handle it with care. However, it eventually will break again. This is what happens when a heart is broken. You can try your best to pick up the pieces by bringsomeone new to the picture but the damage is definitely done and you cannot just expect to pick the pieces and put it back together. The heart is delicate and you cannot allow anyone to tamper with it, once broken it could take a lifetime to put it back together. Guard you heart because it’s where life begins and also ends.


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