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Dealing with Difficulty People

In our journey of life we will meet many types of people. We may meet those who will have positive impacts in our lives. Nevertheless, there are those we will never forget. Those when we think of make us chiver. The ones who we cannot do anything well in their eyes. We meets these people at work, school, even in our homes, and at other places we go. We try our best to deal with them, but we must admit that there are difficulty people and we need to find ways to deal with them because they are in our lives. From a personal experience, I have to say we have find strategies and tactics when dealing with these individuals. At work, we have to keep it as professional as possible. Do not try to fight with coworkers who think they are always right or those who want to be praised at all times. Those annoying coworkers who want to always be in the bosses faces. We may even call them butt kissers. We have keep our interaction to a limit. We also have those people in our own family. They tend to be the loud ones, always ready to say something even when the conversation is not pertaining to them. We have to love them, I say love them from a far distance. It does mean we don’t love them. However, we will have a better relationship when we are not always together. Now, from own my standpoint we ourself can be difficult to others as well. While we are pointing our fingers on those difficult people, are we searching ourselves? Our expectations our too great. We expect people to behave certain way while we ourselves cannot obtain those standards. When we say someone always wants to be right. Well, if the person is not always right then we are actually saying they should always be wrong. Truthfully, who does not always want to be right? This an eye opener. We need to see the positivity in those people who are difficult. We have look at it an different aspect. They are overly ambitious that’s for the coworkers. As far as those family members, I have to dig a little deeper. What is the message those obnoxious family members trying to send? I truly believe they are looking for recognition and we all want to be recognized. In conclusion, we have to focus on the real reason why these people are so difficult. After analyzing them, my opinions has changed. We should appreciate them and learn from them.


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