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Finding joy in the midst of sorrow

Finding joy may not always be easy. I spent two months not working sick in bed unable to sleep or eat. My family and friends tried everything to cheer me up nothing seems to work. I was out of myself. Unable to hold a conversation killed me. I could not understand what was happening to me. I was very depressed and it happened so sudden. I was a healthy woman and very busy never took for myself. I only have two friends. And when I was in the deep stage of depression I came to realize that I don’t have friends no one to turn to. I had no one to talk to. Though I had my mother, sisters, and brothers, and my husband and stepson I still felt empty inside.


2 thoughts on “Finding joy in the midst of sorrow”

  1. wow so deep. At times we cant really explained how we feel. crying and feeling like blah. I ask myself why do I feel this way? I answer myself” you are missing something”. I know that missing thing is not it. even if I get it, I am still going to feel blah. I begin to pray and ask God for clarity. my only happiness is to please God but as human, we need hugs, kisses and that missing thing. we all have a “missing thing”
    in our life.


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