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The Me that I am Searching for

I work very hard each day to provide for myself and my family. At times, I feel over exhausted and lose courage to go on. There are days when I feel like giving up. However, I can reload by meditating on God’s holy word. I read  many inspirational quotes. Life can be very difficult. Sometimes things do not always go the way we plan them. However, one thing I try to live by is that no matter how rough or tough things get, always believe something good can  happen.
  There are times when I want to cry and go far away from everything.  We all want to be great achievers. We can give our one hundred percent and yet feel like we only get twenty percent in return. One of our biggest opponent is fear. All my life, I have always had dreams, goals, and ideas. I held them so closely to my heart. However,  fear always seems to knock them down. I am at my best when I get a little glimpse in my mind about what life would  be if I could accomplish one of my passions. I get these adrenaline and highs when I am thinking about how successful I could be if one of dream would come to life.
  There are many obstacles that’s keeping me from achieving my goals. I am committing myself to dig deep down inside of me and eliminate those unwanted feelings, attitudes, and temperaments. Renewing my mind is the first step. I want to plant good seeds that will grow healthy. I want to follow the procedure to making a plant grow. I want a good soil to start on. When I look at a plant, I look at its  soil. Good soil will make your plants grow.

  Nevertheless, there are many other factors to look at. I have heard that people talk to their plants. We need to speak life to our goals.
         Affirmation for my dreams

Dream, you are what keeps me going.
Dream, I thirst for you.
Dream, come to life.
Dream, show yourself strong.
Dream,  you are a reality.
Dream, you are mine.
Dream, please come true.


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