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This Flesh!

Having or being disciplined is extremely difficult. The beginning of the year, I made many goals. The one that was most significant to me was to get my spiritual life in order and to strengthen it. I prayed for months for God’s assistance and He definitely did his part. I would get these signs in the early hours of the mornings to wake up and pray. However,  this earthly flesh or the garment that I am wearing on this earth is very weak. I would be contemplating in my head how I needed to sleep a little longer and that my body is very tired. Yet, in the back of my mind I know it was very important for me to get out of that bed and fulfill my assignments. On days, I chose to ignore my flesh and follow the positive in voice in my head I felt great. Nevertheless, those days I aligned with the flesh was not same way. So, how can change my mind set to not follow the flesh. I started the Daniel Fast. I have learned so much. I am on day 15th and I  truly believe we cannot  be disciplined without denying the flesh of certain pleasure.

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